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Mr. Lou Lentine

Mr. Lou Lentine is the founder and President of Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc, Chattanooga TN.USA., at the moment. After completing his Education form University of Central Florida, School of Business and University of Uppsala, School of International Business Sweden, he opted to do business ofmanufacturing Consumer Products that are ‘unique’. Having innovative ideas in mind, he started to visualize and develop such products thatwould become the Hall-Mark of its company due to their durability, effective workability, easeof use, and time saving features. In the beginning, it looked rather impossible to develop products that containedall those features.  But as time passed by, Lou and his dedicated team found a way to conquer their dreams and developed solutions to manufacture innovative devices and gadgets that will benefit the general consumer population around the five continents of the world.

At last, the endeavors and efforts of Mr. Lou Lentine, the mastermind of all the inventions of Viatek Products started bearing fruits of success. Sales of Viatek Consumer Products started coming in, and as of today, VPs are being purchased by millions of people throughout the whole world and the figures are increasing with the passing of every day.Realizing the possibility of great business and profitability, many sharp minded business entities of the world have contacted Mr. Lou to make deals for allowing the sale of their own inventions through the platform of Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc.

 Mr. LouLentine, a person good at heart, didn’t refuse them and signed the required paperwork that allowed business entrepreneurs from different parts of the world to use his platform, provided they followed the terms and conditions of Viatek Products.

The unique products of Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc. (now a well-reputed global business entrepreneur) are on the shelves of thetop retail giantswithin the Consumer Market since 1992. Under the vigilant and successful administrative control of Lou Lentine, his sincere team of engineers, designers and product developers is behind the manufacturing of these wonderful, innovative, unique, easy to use, cost-effective and time saving devices that are beneficial to many households. Millions of units have been sold throughout the world and have left consumers satisfied with their purchases. Mr.Lou Lentine says “if my customer is happy, I am happy”.

As of today, in the international market of Consumer Products, the status of Viatek Consumer Products Group Inc. can out-rightly be described as true Industry Leader with regard to the development and manufacturing of innovative and uniqueconsumer products. Lou’s Organization is at the stage where many of the top retail Department Stores of the world including, Wal-mart, Walgreens, Macy’s and many, many, more have Viatek Consumer Products on their shelves with pride.

As a matter of policy, Mr. Lou Lentine’s company offers a 12 month limited guarantee to its on-line customers, if the products are purchased directly from the Viatek Consumer Products Inc, Chattanooga TN. USA.